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Our gameboard and components

The gameboard

We did try several options before choosing:

  1. Board type. PVC as our board type. Whilst marking a bit easier than the traditional boxboard it’s great benefit is it’s resistance to moisture and warping.

  2. Board finish. We opted for a smooth vinyl finish protected with a lamination layer. The board is also wrapped in black vinyl.

  3. Board size.  295mm x 295mm. In choosing the size we took into account the cost factor in production and packaging size/weight.

The components

  1. Dice. During game testing one player said they forgot for a moment what their player colour was. (I think this was because of how hectic the game was getting!) So we searched for an Australian supplier of dice who could supply us coloured dice. We missed out on getting an orange dice so in our games the yellow dice pairs with the orange pawn.

  2. Pawns. We used pawns from an old game for our initial game testing. We were able to source a better quality pawn which was great.Pawns are 12mm at the base and 24mm high.
our game board manufacturing and game components sourced from Australian businesses.