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Welcome to Lift Board Games

Fun family board games.

Playing board games with family is a great way of connecting like the ‘good old days’. No ‘cyber safety’ issues! 

Our board games are inspired by classics like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Not a lot of rules and fun to play.

We source our game board printing and game components from Australian businesses.

Our first release board game

Who will get home first?  Land in the SWAP zone and those in the lead can quickly find themselves chasing after others in the hectic final moments of this fun board game. 

Giving others a lift........

A Taste Of Paradise
A Taste Of Paradise is a Not For Profit registered organisation focused on supporting disadvantaged and at-risk young people.
Second Chances SA is a Not For Profit registered organisation. Their programs are custom-designed to equip prisoners’ kids (PKs) to create better futures for themselves.

Upcoming game release


Directly inspired by Snakes and Ladders. Fun for all the family. Details to come.

Our Gameboard

We were fortunate to find an Australian printer that could make our game boards.

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Gift Wrapping


Games make great gifts. More blurb here but I do not know what that will be.

Packing your order

You will find a series of screenshots that clearly show the different shopping stages.

Behind the Scenes

What did the first concept of I’m Home look like?

Checkout how it evolved over time.

For parents/guardians concerned about cyber safety, a visit to eSafety could prove to be very helpful.  eSafety is Australia’s independent regulator for online safety.